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NA LCS Summer Preview Part 3, The Elite

The North American League Championship Series is almost upon us, learn about all the teams and get prepared!

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Who Won E3 2018?! | Patchwork Party

Join Us On this week of Patchwork Party Live where we take a look and give you our take on everything e3 2018!

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Paul’s Picks – Darwin Project

Is Darwin Project the Battle Royale game that is going to take the genre by storm?!  How dies it stand up against its more popular counterparts? Check out this episode of Paul’s Picks to find out!

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RIP Witchwood Meta, No One Will Miss You

Come revel in the last day of the original Witchwood Meta and get some insight into what may come!

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Not That Bad Really, Civ 6: Japan

Some people think Japan’s not a top tier civ, They assume Samurai are under-powered and that Japan has no one strength. Christian is not one of those people (mostly).

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PCI Placement Boot Camp! | A Zone Hitting Guide

In this episode of Git Gud, we take a look at how to practice placing your PCI and how to work a count in your favor.